hi, thanks for visiting my first web0 website

it's written in raw html (the language of web0)

writing html is incredible

if you haven't tried it you really should

just 10 minutes a day feels like an hour of yoga

also did you notice how quickly this website loaded?

pretty crazy right?

it's just 2kb

some people say that the future is web3

but instead of always searching for something new...

what if we looked back for a second

to see if we lost something amazing along the way

what if we just removed the frameworks, JavaScript, and even the CSS from our websites

would we uncover something more valuable than anything new we could have created?

web0 is all about creating and sharing hand coded websites again

without frameworks, JavaScript, or even CSS!

it's about the power of self publishing

imagine that!

i believe we should be investing in and discussing web0 as much as we talk about web3

as we move into another year

let's try to use our "look back" feature more

to create websites that are lightweight, practical, sincere, and beautiful again