I listened to a podcast recently where the guest* described a method he uses to fall asleep. He described personifying ones worries as if they were characters sitting around a board table. He called the technique, “the chairman of the board.”

A bunch of worries as board members around a board table.
5 worries as members of a board.
  1. Imagine all your worries as members around a large board table.
  2. Focus on the member to the far left.
  3. Before engaging this member “assume positive intent.”
  4. Ask them how many minutes it might take for them to explain their worry.
  5. They might say 5 and you might ask them to try to explain it in 1 minute.
  6. Let them explain their worry.
  7. When they run out of things to say, ask them if they are done and have them take a seat.
  8. Continue to the next board member.
  9. Once every member voices their worry, notice if the chatter in your mind is still present.
  10. If a new worry pops up at the end of the board meeting, repeat the steps above and let the new member take a seat.
  11. Enjoy the quiet.

* Technique described by Safi Bahcall.