this is a letter to my mom

hi mom


well actually there's more...

this could also be an album cover for a band

the band would be called Numbers Between Dog

the first album would be called Numbers Town

html is a fragile thing

like a painting, drawing, or essay

html is my medium of choice

i especially like html that feels open and unfinished like this page

repeating background images are nice too. it's the default on most browsers. i like when they create a never ending pattern like this one

if you zoom out you'll see what i mean

my dream is to write html and travel

i want to write html everyday but not for work

html is too fun. it should only be for playing

that's why laurel and i started html energy

i'd like to write html pages with friends

i want to make documents instead of websites

what would it look like to make a documentary with html?

let's treat html like a drawing or a photo

something that we can pass back and forth

a little world of our fragile ideas