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One Minute Park allows you to visit parks from around the world for one minute each. These are just one minute videos, not webcams. Eventually the project will fill in all the minutes (1440) in a day. You can create your own One Minute Park to help achieve this goal.

How to make a One Minute Park

  1. Walk around a park until you find a composition. Your scene should be filled with many layers of activity without any dominating elements.
  2. Record in landscape mode on your phone. Keep your shot as steady as you can but don't use a tripod. You could even hold your breath. Check the timecode indicator while filming to make your video exactly 60 seconds. Tap record, let it count up to 60, and tap again. No editing needed!
  3. Upload your One Minute Park to this channel. Videos should be in .mp4 format. Please include the date, time, park, location in the block's title.


One Minute Park is a project by Elliott Cost. It is unfunded and a labor of love. Any support is greatly appreciated–thank you!

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