Invisible Companion Technique

  1. Purchase a small folding table.
  2. Place the table to the right or left of your current home office desk. It should be a little behind you so that it’s only visible in your periphery when you are sitting at your main desk.
  3. Open a secondary laptop on the folding table. If you don't have another computer, a few open books will suffice. Bonus: light a candle or place a lamp on the desk.
  4. Go about your work at your home office desk and feel your companion’s productive energy.

Advanced: Invisible Office Technique

  1. Buy several folding desks and old laptops from Craigslist or Ebay.
  2. Follow the same steps as the Invisible Companion Technique to configure each desk.
  3. Experiment with placing desks behind you in the room like a classroom or audience observing you as you work.

Invisible companion
An illustration of the Invisible Companion Technique.

• • •
Thanks to Lydia M. and Laurel S. for the technique names.