I'd like to apply to be your company's resident artist.

Many companies1 throughout time have supported artists to make their work and thus fund innovation beyond what the market can provide.

1. Bell Labs’ Experiments in Art and Technology program supports both short- and long-term artist collaborations and residencies. The program has expanded and inspired Bell Labs’ technological innovations since 1966. (link)

What your company gains from this:

What do I get out of this:

What kind of art will I make?

I've made a lot of handmade websites2. Some of them are small community3 websites4. I've also been involved in publications5 about the creative process. I also love to draw6, paint, photograph7, write8, make videos9, and create advertisements10.

2. My personal website with links to websites I've made (link) 3. Special Fish - A directory of people (link) 4. Gossip's Web - A directory of handmade websites (link) 5. The Creative Independent (link) 6. Like the drawing in the background of this website 7. Walking Green – a photo diary 8. My blog (link) 9. One minute park (link) 10. Empty Day - a day of no social media (link, link)

During my residency, I'll invest my time into thinking about your company, culture, and products and take an interdisciplinary approach to what I create.

Here are some examples of projects I might work on:

11. In 1967, Fermilab, a lab specializing in particle physics, hired Angela Gonzales as a full-time artist. As a resident artist, Gonzales designed Fermilab's iconic logo. Many of her drawings combine Fermilab's identity, it's scientific mission, and the lab's physical surroundings in unexpected ways. (link) 12. I've been collecting logos that go beyond brand marks and evoke something more mysterious or emotional (link) 13. During a recent talk I gave at Upstatement, I asked the studio's employees to describe the rooms they were in and post their descriptions to a website I created called The Big Rectangle. (link)


I ask that you not have any expectations going into this. That way if nothing concrete comes of this, you will not be disappointed. I also ask that you only consider this if paying me for my time will not be a setback for your company.

It's also important to understand that I won't be doing conventional work for your company. I will simply be inspired by your company and make art with your support.


If you go into this having expectations (which you shouldn't) and become disappointed by the outcome.



I think it would be antithetical to the idea of a resident artist to have a boss or manager but I do think communication is necessary. I'd like to propose that we have 1-2 meetings per month where I share what I've been working on. I'd also be happy to document my process on a handmade website like this one.


I'd like to be able to attend meetings across your company just to observe and be inspired.14

14. I'm happy to sign something that says I won't leak important information to the world about your company.


1-3 months


Let's talk about what would be fair for us both.

I understand this is a pretty unconventional idea but isn't that what innovation is all about? I look forward to being the first resident artist at your company.

Lets make this happen:


Thank you for your time.

Wind over water,