Architecture Home School

I’ve been curious recently why I ended up making websites. When I was a kid I got into making websites because my dad had computers strewn all around our house. I’m only now thinking about the reasons why I actually enjoy the process of building websites and seeing the connections between web design and other interests I’ve had in my life.

I think the reason I love making websites is the same reason I was so into architecture as a child. I would draw these elaborate floor plans of imaginary living spaces. Creating these diagrams was a form of playing for me. I’d navigate the drawings almost like a video game and imagine how each space would feel to live in. I think in many ways building websites is about creating environments to play in.

I'm building this website as a way of learning more about architecture. I'll try my best to update it frequently with things I learn along the way. I may get distracted or take breaks so bear with me on this journey.

By documenting my learning online, in a public space, I hope to find mentors that can teach me along the way.