I miss Green Office

I miss my chair, the meetings, the green people.

My feelings for the Green Office are still strong.

Hello there!

To begin I'd like to welcome you back to the office Elliott.

It's good to have you back. There's much to be done... but before I get too far...

Can I offer you some water?

As you know we only serve green water and green snacks at the Green cafe.

I'd be happy to get something for you before we start.


Okay now that you have some Green Water™ we can get down to business

Have you heard of our new green initiative?

You haven't? That's okay...

Well we are just working with super green companies and people

I mean it's not too different from our normal business practices but we've put a brand to it...

well you see that's where you come in...

We are looking for someone to really make the brand shine

Someone with that raw green energy

Do you think you are that someone?


Oh, that's great to hear.

How soon can we start?



Let's talk about pay...

How does a stake in the Green Company sound to you?

Well I never thought you would say yes.

I'm turning green just thinking about working together.

I suppose that's all for today. Looking forward to starting on this with you tomorrow.