Can you come up with 3 definitions for Fluxus social media?

Certainly! Here are three possible definitions for the term "Fluxus Social Media":

  1. Social media platforms that prioritize fluidity, interactivity, and experimental content: In this context, Fluxus Social Media refers to platforms that encourage users to share content that blurs the lines between art and everyday life. These platforms could emphasize the use of multimedia, performance art, or interactive experiences, drawing inspiration from the Fluxus art movement to create a dynamic and immersive social media environment.
  2. Social media platforms that focus on ephemeral and chance-based content: Drawing from the Fluxus movement's interest in chance and fleeting experiences, Fluxus Social Media could refer to platforms where content is short-lived and unpredictable. Users might engage with one another through spontaneous interactions, and the platform could incorporate randomization or chance elements in content curation and presentation.
  3. Decentralized, collaborative social media platforms: Fluxus Social Media could also refer to platforms that emphasize collaboration and collective creation. Inspired by the Fluxus movement's focus on shared experiences, these platforms might prioritize user-generated content, community-driven initiatives, and collaborative projects, fostering a sense of unity and shared creativity among users.