Visiting the Treehouse

Welcome! Please take off your shoes and feel free to take a seat on my meditation pillow, rattan chair, or bed.

I’ll start by showing you my desk. I build all my websites here like the one you're reading right now.

This is my keyboard. It’s a HHKB. I’ve found it really nice to type on but it does take getting used to. Things like arrow keys are hidden under a “second layer.”

Here are a few of my badges. The colorful id card on top is a USB flash drive publication made by Pehu, an arts space in Osaka, Japan. The green photo id is also from Osaka. I heard that these green star photo ids are attached to children’s book bags so that they won't loose them. Can't think of a better way of identifying one's self other ones own face! My two art collaborators also made green star badges while we were there.

Here are a few artworks above my computer. They include a painting by my grandmother, an artwork from my partner, and a drawing I made of Prospect Park last summer.

Here’s my exercise area + meditation cushion. I call this area the beach. When friends come over, this space can be converted into a “chill area.”

Thanks for noticing my bike! It’s one of my prized possessions. It’s a Brompton folding bike. I use it to get around the city. It’s become especially useful during the pandemic.

Ah, yes that sticker. I’m part of a folding bike group called “F Society”, short for Folding Society inspired by this UK based bike group. It’s kinda a joke, but sometimes we go on rides together.

Yep, those are some of my books. These ones are kinda expensive so I keep them up high.

Thanks for asking. Those are a few candles and a giant airpod made by Laurel Schwulst. She has the left airpod and sometimes we pretend that it’s a telephone that we can answer and talk to one another. Sometimes it’s pretty fun to pretend things are not what they actually are.

*bell sound* Hello? Is anyone there?

This is a calendar made by my dad. He’s a landscape painter on Maui. This painting is called Morning Rain.

I forgot to mention the mushroom lamp by my desk. Also one my favorite objects. I like putting it directly on the ground because it feels more like a mushroom and gives the ground an orange tint.

Yes, that’s my website URL. I thought it could be funny to make an advertisement for my personal website. It would be cool if a bunch of people made ads for their personal websites and we somehow got a grant to poster them all over town.

Ah yes almost forgot about my kitchen...

I use this Zojirushi rice cooker almost everyday. You can also make oatmeal in it.

And this is another lamp. I guess I’m into lamps. This one is made by Casper (the mattress company).

Here’s what the view out my window looks like. I’ve been collecting videos of the clouds since I’ve moved in. Maybe I’ll release them as a movie one day.

That’s about it. Thanks for visiting. Wish you could stay longer.

Treehouse Activities

Elliott makes websites and art. Elliott grew up on the island of Maui. He enjoys water, the outdoors, and building community websites.

Elliott writes HTML daily. When he was 10 he made his first website which was a copy of the New York Times homepage where he replaced the NYT logo with “E-News.”

Elliott runs Special Fish, a directory of people; Gossip’s Cafe, an internet cafe; and Quiet Coffee, a daily log.